I Adore Amador


Amador, the Sacramento charter bus company I prefer most of all available, took excellent care of my parents when they were in town with their buddies from the Senior Center. I was really happy that I told my mom to use them because she said every need she could think of was met.

My parents’ group of friends wanted to use the charter bus to travel all around the Sacramento area and a tour of wine country as well, so they spent an entire day on a bus together. After all that time and travel, if they got off of the bus happy, that must mean Amador did a great job.

They even caught a right on the Pacific Coast Highway on the second day of their trip. They stopped at different beaches and eateries to stretch their legs, take some photos, and just wander around a bit. My mother said the bus was very comfortable, and there was more room than any other bus she has been on. There were about twenty people on the bus, so they had a lot of people on one charter bus. That made the cost very good as well.

Senior citizens are often in search of a great bargain, it seems, so this was another key selling point for mom and dad. However, I think what appealed to them the most was that they could all travel together without having to worry about the Sacramento public bus schedule interfering with the things they wanted to do. Since the rented a charter bus, their Sacramento bus schedule was not only more spacious and clean, but they could instruct the driver to take them exactly where they wanted to go. They could also leave at the exact moment that they all desired to go to the next location.

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