In-House Campus Commuter Systems are the Name of our Game


The moment you think of motorcoaches, you certainly consider youth summer camps, or seeing those luxury buses on the freeway with tour groups. You most likely haven’t thought about them being used every day for school transportation. But, as each university can attest, it is no small feat to get large groups of students to and from classes every day, particularly on large university campuses. Motorcoaches render a great solution, and there’s no better choice for a complete in-house campus transportation system. We understand that college students will be delighted by these conveniences that motorcoaches provide:

Power and WiFi. In today’s age of laptops, tablets and smart phones, students and faculty use technology more than ever before for their coursework. Motorcoaches come with a solution for power and WiFi, a great amenity that helps students to be able to type papers, review data research or email professors while they are travelling to and from campus.

Shuttles. On a huge campus, shuttles are convenient for getting students to main hub locations: the student center, recreational facilities, eateries, and main campus buildings. Coaches that work on a shuttle circuit, consistently hitting each of these hot spots throughout the school day, provide convenience for everyone that’s part of the campus community.

Bike racks. Often students need to catch a lift to make their morning class, but are planning to ride home and appreciate the autumn weather and beautiful foliage. They’ll love the bike rack feature that gets easy for them to bring their bike along in the morning, but utilize it in the afternoon when it’s a little warmer and one would like to take advantage of that golden autumn light.

Each seat comes furnished with individual airflow control and reading lights. Coaches are equipped to transport a lot of people at once, but without risking comfort for each passenger. These two amenities are great for letting each passenger adjust temperature settings and make it easy to read a few extra pages from a textbook while riding back to the apartment.

Sometimes at the end of the day, it’s nice to be able to just unwind as you head home. Accordingly, get a coach that comes with video screens and an A/V system. Having campus or world news (or the latest reality show craze!) on in the background can be a good way to unplug from the stress of tests and a long day of classes.

Another perk? Motorcoaches include a lot of undercarriage storage; will make it easy for students and faculty to acquire things to and from school easily. Maybe you have a large object that requires coming to campus for a group presentation or as part of a lecture? Not a problem! Coaches make storage concerns completely obsolete.

For each one of these reasons, coaches are the excellent choice for each one of your campus transportation needs. We know that your faculty and students will love all the amenities that come with a motorcoach, and we are certain it will be an important plus to your campus community.

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