Karen Fedder


Dear Amador Stagelines,

I want to let you about my recent experience with Sherri. Arrow
Electronics rented a bus on Tuesday afternoon. On the way back to the
hotel my phone apparently fell out of my purse. To make a long story
short, whoever cleaned up the bus not only found my phone, but turned it
in. This was the first miracle for me.

The second was when I called Sherri. Prior to calling her I contacted
FedX to pick up my phone. They would not guarantee that the driver would
bring a shipping envelope and of course there would be no shipping
materials available. Sherri offered to go to the post office and ship my
phone, pay for it and trusted me to send her a check.

There are no words to express my appreciation. Aside from the obvious
inconvenience of a lost phone, it went way beyond that. There are
pictures on my phone that were not backed up. They are of people that
had passed, and experiences I will never have again. That phone holds a
part of my life on it that could never be replaced.

Thank you for having two faceless angels at your Reno facility. I will
take time this weekend to post on Facebook, Yelp and anywhere else you
can suggest to let people know the level of customer satisfaction Amador
provides. Of course I will let the top brass at Arrow know as well so
any future transportation needs will be provided by your company.


Karen Fedder

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