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Education for children today is a far cry from what it was in yesteryears. The world is a different place than what it was, and education today has conveniences that children of earlier eras didn’t experience.

The comfort of boxed pencils and electric pencil sharpeners, making it a snap to write on a piece of paper. How about pens, individualized crayon boxes, markers, colored pencils, paints, and more? Children have much wider access to writing materials and art supplies as never before because they are so easy and inexpensive to get.

Backpacks. Getting something to carry things to and fro to school in makes things easy to keep everything together in one place. And let’s not even learn more on how cool it is to be able to pick out a bag that sports your favorite movie character or superhero on the front. For little kids, that’s a big bonus.

Planners. Often it’s difficult for young folks to remember everything they need to create for several classes, and companies that produce planners have created an easy, compact solution. Having a small book where kids can write everything down and monitor it all is genius.

School lunch. Typically it’s difficult to keep in mind to put the homework from the night before in the backpack, let alone a sack lunch, too. Nowadays, you can pay up front and schools will provide lunch for kids. This is especially nice if you’re a working parent and your mornings are super busy cuz you’re aiming to get out the door, too.

What about informative learning apps? While we could cite many examples of how technology has modified education, one thing that comes to mind right away is apps. Apps have changed how we interact with the world at large, and this is true for children, too. If they’re having a hard time in a certain subject, for sure there’s an app available that’s inexpensive (or free!), providing your kids with a fun way to get the supplemental help they need without it feeling like a drag. And let’s not neglect all of the online educational resources that are free, too, aside from YouTube channels dedicated solely to educational aims.

And if you’re beginning to wonder what any of this refers our industry, we’ll just tell you. Did you know that, as a motorcoach company, we also assist schools in providing safe, reliable transportation to and from school for today’s children? Additionally, we’ve helped provide school outing transportation, and this isn’t just at the K-12 level. We are on hand to help with educational transportation needs through college and beyond. Having one vehicle that can transport an entire educational group is certainly a convenience that earlier eras wouldn’t have hoped for. It’s easy to go and explore areas that simply wouldn’t have been possible a century ago. Bottom line? We hope that we’re the company you call when you need help getting your students from here to there!

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