Managing to Keep the Get-together Simple!


Sometimes it can be easy to get caught in the net of weighing our lives in the balance against someone else’s, particularly in today’s world of social media, the Internet, cell tablets, phones and laptops. Theodore Roosevelt is quoted as saying it in a simple, profound way: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

This suggestion of choosing bigger and better while trying to stay up to date with the Joneses can seep into our family vacation time, but it doesn’t need to. Getting stucked in the “keeping up” philosophy can truly hinder the possibilities for families to communicate and enjoy meaningful experiences. So, when you’re aiming to tune all that out and concentrate on strengthening the relationships that mean the best to you as you collaborate this year, listed below are 15 suggestions for keeping it simple.

Set a game. Go out the decks of cards, pull out that new favorite board game, take your favorite snacks, and gather round. Chuckling is sure to arise.

Go have ice cream. Stack everyone in the car and go get shakes at the local drive in. A side reward? With so many people getting different flavors, you may get fortunate to try more than just your own.

Construct sand castles. If you snuck away to the ocean or a lake not far from home for a few days, carry along some sand gear and spend time talking with each other as you create your best version of a medieval fortress.

Go out and move together. Plan a family 5K and enjoy motivating each other (and likely stirring up some healthy banter, too!).

Check out a flick. Nothing wrong with blankets, popcorn, and snacks, too.

Sing together. There’s something about getting together in a circle, singing, and harmonizing together. Don’t forget to pull out your iPhone and take a voice recording! You’ll listen to it soon after and be happy that you did.

Have a family talent performance. If you do, odds great that some performances will have you splitting a gut, while others may leave you in awe of the gifts your people have.

Go around the circle and have all people share something they’re grateful for from the past year. This one prompts people to explore deep, so don’t be surprised if you end up needing a Kleenex box.

Read something special aloud. Maybe it’s a quote that changed your perspective or a passage from an essay that’s funny. Sharing and talking about concepts is fun, and it helps you be familiar with one another better, too.

Establish a memory by doing something surprising. Try new food together, start exploring a peak in the middle of the night, or do something that gets you away from your comfort zone.

Make a fire and roast s’mores. Don’t forget to acquire extra chocolate (insert: when can you have too much?).

Do a round of everybody sharing their favorite songs they found in the past year, the songs they ended up hearing repeatedly. Who doesn’t love new tunes and artist suggestions?

Watch the stars. It sounds so uncomplicated, but when it’s dark and quiet and you’re resting on blankets watching the night sky, you’ll experience beauty and likely share some meaningful talk, too.

When everyone’s hanging out, crank up some tunes and get the whole family— uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, young ones and old ones– on their feet together.

Distinguish your favorite family stories. When you’re with the people that actually understand all the nuances and family dynamics at play, they’re funnier.

Who says that time with family can’t be incredible when it’s simple? Looking at everyone else’s vacations on social media sites may make you feel as though yours has to be bigger and better to be excellent, but these simple recommendations will help you work on your relationships, get quality time in, and walk away having associated with each other. And if you need a way to get the family from point A to point B during the get-together, we’re only a call away! Group transportation is what we undertake, and we’ll make getting a huge group around look easy!

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