Mature Travelers: A Compendium of Trip Planning Resources


While it’s not uncommon to get senior admission price when you’re paying to get in at the pool with your grandson, you may not realize that there are several discounts available to you in the traveling industry. While we’re sure you’ll do your own research, here are just a few places you’ll find services and discounts specifically offered to seniors:

Airlines. Growing older doesn’t need to minimize your travel. For a number of people, their senior years open up the time and moneys that enable them to check out places of the world they’ve always longed for visiting. Know that there are still several well-known airlines that offer reduced rates to senior citizens today if the trip you want to take entails a plane ticket. When getting your reservation with an airline agent, see to it to ask what discounts are available.

Hotels and car rentals. When you’re deciding on where to sleep while on your tour, as well as which company to find a car from, be sure to think about which hotels will offer you the best rates. You’ll be able to select the best choice for you if you weigh your options.

Senior associations. There are a number of different national senior associations, clubs and groups that serve specifically to your demographic. By obtaining a membership with them, you also can get approved for senior savings in certain outlets. Check into the traveling pluses that come with your membership if you belong to one of these associations.

National Parks Services. No one is immune from the awe and beauty that accompany a trip to our nation’s national parks. Google “National Parks Interagency Senior Pass” for more information.

Tour operators and travel agencies. With so many selections for traveling offered today, you might be distressed to get away, but would like to eliminate younger, boisterous crowds. There are tour operation outfits and agencies that work specifically to arrange and cater experiences just for seniors.

Exchanges. If you really want to add some spice to your future vacation, think about doing an exchange. There are internet sites that specialize in pairing people who really want to travel and switch homes for a short while. This indicates free accommodations and a more genuine, local experience. Incidentally, there are also websites committed to matching up individuals who would love to find someone to travel with, instead of going it alone.

Through googling each of the above mentioned categories (i.e. “airline discounts for seniors”), you can discover more information on each of them, in addition to specific businesses that provide the discounts and traveling selections you’re looking for. Even if the numerous discounts seem relatively small on their own, they can add up to quite a chunk of alteration when all is said and done. Good luck planning your next adventure, and be sure to maximize all the choices available to you!

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