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Among beautiful things about America is that it’s a melting pot of various cultures, customs, world views, and religious beliefs. Learning more about these differences is a method to construct bridges of understanding and motivate respect, love, and interaction between all individuals. In terms of faith, Christianity is still the predominant spiritual view in America, and one of the belief systems that has thrived in the last 200 years is Mormonism.

When The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized in upstate New York in 1830 by Joseph Smith, its numbers were couple of. And from that main location, the growth of the church has increased to an around the world membership of over 15 million today.

As one these days’s popular religious leaders, Thomas Spencer Monson is the church’s 16th president. He is a Salt Lake City native and was born on August 21, 1927. When you discover that he enjoys to fish and liked to play basketball as a boy, he seems like an” average Joe” that anyone can connect to. When you find out about his professional profession in the printing industry, you can respect him as a guy who took pride in his work and did it well. The thing that sets him apart as an individual is his unfailing commitment to service, as he has tried to live a life centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

His daddy’s only day off of work each week was Sunday when he was a child. How he decided to invest that day, however, left an impression on his young kid. Tom remembers choosing his daddy to pick up a crippled member of the family and taking him for a flight around town, a quiet service to get him out of the house and let him understand he was remembered and liked. This simple act appears to have actually informed Tom about howto spend his time and the worth of focusing on individuals and being sensitive to their needs. Undoubtedly, he has said this: “The sweetest experience I know in life is to feel a prompting and act upon it, and later on learn that it was the satisfaction of somebody’s prayer, or someone’s need. And I constantly want the Lord to know that if He needs an errand run, Tom Monson will run that errand for him.” Though one could state lots of examples of this simple servant of God spreading compassion, cheer, and love, the copying offer a representative portrait of the man.

When he was acting as a young bishop to a large congregation, he found out that a German immigrant household would be moving into his ward. When he saw the sparse, dull, unappealing apartment they would reside in, nevertheless, he counseled with the leaders in his ward to see exactly what they might do to make it more inviting and comfy. It was Christmas time, and they wanted to offer a warm welcome to this weary family. He supervised the transformation of that little apartment, turning it from cold house to warm house. Devices were donated, walls were painted, carpet set up, cooking area cupboards filled, and a Christmas tree decorated with presents beneath– these were all offerings that came from the hearts of those he served with. President Monson recalls that on the night that household arrived, astonished at what had been done for them, those that had been involved in this act of service commented: “Why is it that this will be the finest Christmas we’ve ever experienced?” That is the happiness of service.

On another occasion, Pres. Monson had actually traveled far to a church conference. A girl, ill with cancer, had actually asked for that he come to give her a true blessing. Ashe looked over his schedule, he just didn’t see how it would be possible to squeeze in the drive to visit this family and still keep all the selected conferences that were going to be held. The family was informed that he would not have the ability to come and see them and they were really dissatisfied. Nevertheless, Pres. Monson received a clear impression while being in a meeting that he needed to go and visit her. He reorganized his schedule, made the drive, and answered a young girl’s prayer by providing convenience, peace, and a priesthood true blessing throughout a tough time.

Possibly this final example is particularly informing. When he was a young 22-year-old man, Tom Monson was first called as the ecclesiastical leader for his ward. He was asked to shepherd a large ward of over 1,000 members, consisting of 87 widows. He made a custom of going to all of them every year at Christmas time, even after he was launched as their bishop. One by one, he spoke at the funeral services of all 87 females when they died. His take care of those he was called to serve was not out of commitment; rather, it was because he truly enjoyed them and wanted them to know they were remembered and essential.

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The info on Pres. Monson originated from the following documentary on his life:

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