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And then it ensued: informal texting about random stuff in the day, and you found that, surprisingly, you were actually connecting with this person: laughing at her sense of humor, intrigued by her pretty face, interested in the things she had to say. And your heart began to hope that maybe this was someone who could actually be something, a diamond in the rough of online dating.

And here’s the thing: the seek for love is as old as time, everyone looking for a connection with a sweetheart, someone they can rely on, share life’s road with, someone to hold and love. And especially before, people use dating apps to connect with others and meet up. Apparently this hasn’t been a fixture of our time alone. This letter from the Civil War would remind anyone of today’s online dating world if they’ve had any subjection to it.

“Dear Hattie

Pardon the caring familiarity but you know it’s all in fun. Your charming little epistle has just reached me, and I do myself the honor to answer it right away, thus adhering to your request to write soon.

Before going ahead farther truth and candor compel me to recognize that a little deception was used in the advertisement in the ‘Waverly.’ In shorts my true description differs materially from the one therein set forth, and may not please you as well as the one “fancy painted,” but I thought it recommended fun, therefore funningly gave an imaginary description together with cognomen. Be it known unto you then, this individual is twenty-nine years of age, five feet and eleven inches high, dark blue eyes, brown hair, and light (ruddy) complexion. There you have it. How do you like the description? I think I hear your answer. I don’t like it so well as the promoted description.”

When you go over the exact physical description this soldier gives, one is advised of sorting fields on dating apps, having the chance to specify your preferences and what you want, down to physical traits you want: height, body type, hair color, etc. And that’s just the beginning of it. Religious preference, occupation, education, hobbies, books you’ve loved, exercise habits, whether you drink or smoke, and whether you have or want kids are just some of the other available sorting fields.

And the crazy thing is? People actually get together and take it all the way to the chapel and Pachelbel’s Canon and rose petals and all that jazz as a result of these apps. And now, you’re in the struggles of wedding planning, striving to get all your ducks in a row for the big day.

When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many things to think about. And, of course, how you plan to get the wedding party around from event to event in a smooth fashion (especially with lots of folks flying in from out of town who don’t know their way around!). Wedding transportation is one of the things we excel at, whether you want one
of our coaches for the wedding party, a bachelorette party, or to transport guests via shuttle for the reception.

Nevertheless you came together– whether it was today’s matching of that Civil War letter, or by meeting someone in a more conventional, old-fashioned encounter, we ‘d love to be involved in how you united in marriage. Being a part of your big day is not lost on us and we want our service to show the importance of the occasion … for you and your guests!

(The letter passage in this article was taken from this provider:

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