Megan’s Wedding and All That Means


I am enjoying the experience of being the maid of honor in my big sister’s wedding this summer, and it is so much more hard work than I ever dreamed it could be. It is a wonderful, joyous, and incredible moment. This makes all the work totally worth it, but I can get exhausted a little too. One of the many duties of a maid of honor, in case you did not know, is to plan several events and guarantee that it all goes as smoothly as possible.

A maid of honor must plan a bridal luncheon, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and some stress relieving activities and/or items for the hours of preparation just prior to the wedding itself. My sister has a big group of friends, and her fiancé has an equally large social circle. This makes it very difficult to keep the wedding small, and all of the events are naturally going to have a pretty long guest list. This is why I have fallen head over heals with Amador luxury lines in Sacramento. Amador makes Sacramento charter buses seem like the coolest way to travel in packs.

I have arranged for a Sacramento bus schedule with Amador that will allow us to schedule a road trip to San Francisco via Amador. For the Megan the Bachelorette Party Like There’s No Tomorrow event, my sister and fifty of her closest friends and family will board the party bus and head to the big city on the sea.

We will also be using a Sacramento party bus with Amador to take the wedding party to and from the church where Megan and Todd are getting married to the Rehearsal Dinner Party after the wedding rehearsal the night before the wedding. Amador is also taking Todd and his friends out for the Bachelor Party in Vegas.

This wedding is not going to overwhelm me, and I can thank Amador for that.

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