Motorcoach Facts 2009


We see transportation and school buses regularly, but did you find out that their sibling vehicle, the motorcoach, is regularly used for tour groups, commuter shuttles, campus transportation, work conventions, getting wedding parties where they should be, casino trips with friends, church group activities, and family reunions, to name a few? It might amaze you that motorcoaches are used for all of these kinds of activities, yet maybe you’ve never really considered why. Below is a go-to list of good reasons for why motorcoaches are an incredible transportation choice.

For starters, you can sense good on it. When it comes to analyzing expenses, picking a coach for transportation needs is a no-brainer. When running a personal vehicle, there correspond maintenance expenses, gas, and the occasional repairs that can typically substantially impact one’s pocketbook. Because cities and districts that purchase coaches have the opportunity to offer inexpensive tickets or discounted monthly passes, riders save significantly in gas alone! And another great cost-efficient point? They cost taxpayers hardly anything, despite the fact that they’re used all the time.

Along those same lines, they’re one of the greenest forms of transportation available. Additionally, motorcoach travel comes in with a super high number when you’re talking about passenger miles per gallon, and you can also opt for a coach that runs on environmentally-friendly fuel, too.

They’re one of the safest modes of transportation, period. School buses are well known for compartmentalization, and even though coaches don’t mimic that completely, they still employ aspects of that great safety feature.

Your tour group reserves a motorcoach for a few days as you sightsee your way through one of Europe’s big cities. Wherever you go, you’re positively contributing to the economy as you stay at hotels, purchase food from local shops, pay entrance fees to museums, plays, or other cultural events. And, when you’re using these wheels to get around, you’re fueling several jobs around the country, from drivers in public transit systems or private fleets to employment positions in the manufacturing industry.

Stop for a moment and think about all the times that you see coaches or buses used for public transit, school transportation, getting people to and from the airport, public tours, and visitor center transportation, among other things. When you stop to think on it, you realize that we rely pretty intensely on this mode of transportation.

The uses are versatile for every stage of life, and for people of every background. You might see college students using a coach as part of an in-house transportation system on campus, and then, on the same day, see one being used by a senior tour group.

As the above details explain, motorcoach travel is affordable, great for the environment, one of the safest methods to get from one place to another, and supports the economy. They’re one of the backbones of public transportation and they’re effective, while also being practical. All of these factors combine to make clear that, without a question, motorcoaches are a great transportation option!

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