Never More Secure Than When You Travel A Coach!


Maybe it’s because we have access to information like never before, and we input and analyze data in unprecedented ways and have all kinds of research at our fingertips. When someone makes a statement, we can be slow to accept whatever they are saying as solid truth. Folks can say all kinds of crazy things and make money off of people who aren’t smart enough to check their facts, and it happens all the time.

Which carries us to this: when we say to you that motorcoaches are one of the safest modes of transportation, we anticipate that you’ll question our pronouncement and want to know how we can back up that claim. It’s true, and we have the data to prove it. According to the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety, there have been 366 people killed in motorcoach incidents since 1990.

And sure, any fatality is one too many. We know that, and we agree. When you compare that number to the number of auto deaths in the United States each year, the difference is staggering. In the United States alone, there have been well over 30,000 deaths each year for the last several years. So … 366 fatalities over 27 years means that going in a motorcoach is a much safer mode of transportation, though everyone in the industry want to get that number down to zero.

But, get ready for us to blow your mind a little more. That 366 number? Let’s show you how small a number it really is. In 2013 alone, there were 605,000,000 trips made via motorcoach. 605,000,000 in one year! That accounts for a lot of people, and a lot of driving.

Why do we impart this with you?

Because we want you to trust us. When your goal is safety on the road, you couldn’t make a better decision. While we could cite several justifications why traveling via motorcoach.
It’s notworth traveling via any channel that makes you question your safety. Period. And that’s why we want you to have hard data so you can rest assured that you’re actually MUCH SAFER in a motorcoach than you would be in a smaller vehicle.

And absolutely, we identify that the aptitude, training, and proficiency of our drivers is an essential piece of that, too. We go to great lengths to only work with drivers who are qualified, and we run our business according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) safety guidelines. We also stay current on routine inspections and maintenance to ensure that our equipment is in top shape.

And extra thing? Because we’re an open book and want you to feel safe when you ride with us, feel free to ask about our safety rating from the FMCSA. We’ll also happily answer any questions about our hiring system, driver training, and how we maintain our fleet to put your mind at ease!

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