Open House Planning


There are many factors you’ve got to consider if you’re coordinating the efforts of a large upcoming open house. Just dealing with that lots of people in a space is a big feat, not to mention all the features you have to consider in the background so that things will appear to run perfectly on the surface (so much work happens behind the scenes to make it look easy!).

Using coaches to help shuttle your guests will help you to avoid crowded, congested parking lots and help the overall traffic flow a bit easier. You won’t have to set aside as much parking as you would need to otherwise, and shuttling makes things a whole lot easier.

And, as for the other matters you have to plan for?

Ushers. Whenever you have a big group of people coming through a structure, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have folks that aren’t sure where to go, need help finding a bathroom, or simply have some questions. Having trained people on hand that can help point people in the right way or help with whatever need arises is something you’ll absolutely want to have in place.

When you have a bunch of people that are taking various shifts during the open house, you’ll want a few people that are over all of the ushers and others that are there to help. When you need to disseminate information or get it touch with people, coordinators are your main resource.

Marketing material. If a plenty of people are going to tour a facility, it’s great to have some material for them about the structure itself: a postcard photograph, informational pamphlet, or another thing along those lines. It’s nice to have something that people can look at as they are there and take with them when they go.

Ticketing. You’ve had the chance to have some way to control traffic flow, and ticketing helps you do just that. Allotting only a certain number of tickets for varying time slots will help to control the amount of people that come through at any once.

With all the things that you’ve got to think about as you plan for this event, we can absolutely help with the transportation. We’d love to lend a hand you in your efforts by giving shuttle services to help deal with traffic flow and make the parking situation less hectic. Call us today for a quote!

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