Organize Your Reception One to Remember!


When people gather for a wedding, the whole point is to congratulate two individuals that have found happiness together and wish them well. Maybe you’re the bride at the drawing board, planning all the details, and you’d like to make it something that your guests will never forget.

When it involves preparing for a wonderful party, the sky’s the limit regarding the fun things you could do, and it’s super easy to tap into lots of ideas by browsing Pinterest or picking the brain of your wedding planner who does events like this at all times. For now, as you’re sitting here reading this article, here are a few ideas that we came up with to throw a wedding party your friends will walk away talking about.

For starters, you can inject some perks. Possessing valet parking is an exciting way to make your guests feel swanky as soon as they arrive if your shindig is at the country club. Or, if it’s up a canyon with single-lane traffic going up and down, consider taking us to handle the transportation. Motorcoaches are an awesome way to shuttle people and will make for less road traffic jam, too. Making ease of transportation for everyone included is always a plus.

One more suggestion? Up the fun. That’s right … come up with some solutions to turn on the good times. What about having a photo booth? You know how people have those little strips of sepia photographs taped on their fridges? Maybe it’s them with their kids, their best friend, or from a fun night out with their spouse. The one thread that seems to be consistent is that these photos are tend to fun: people laughing, goofing off, and making funny faces. You look at them and feel love. So … why not bring several of that love to the reception and let your friends take home photos that’ll go on their fridge?

Set up a program. Some people don’t love sitting through a program (so they can skip out before it starts), but others enjoy hearing more about the couple from those who know them best. It’s a way to make it more personal and allow others to share in the experience. Experiences like these are what make us human, and it’s lovely to celebrate these simple, beautiful moments.

Sweet treats. Okay, receptions vary. In some cases people serve desserts, and other times it’s a full course dinner. But aside from whatever food you give, you can add something else. What about making a candy bar for the children? Have a table that is arranged with lots of glass containers of many shapes and sizes that are stuffed with several varieties of candies. Get some cute paper bags that recall older days (think old time general stores) and watch the kids’ eyes grow enormous when they realize they can select whatever treat they want. If kids are left to their own devices, don’t forget to have someone there to man the table so that it doesn’t quickly become a total disaster zone!

Music and dancing. There’s nothing like a great DJ and some good tunes to make for a great party. This is an important one, so make sure you do your homework. If you are going for a specific theme, make sure to communicate that to your DJ.

As a final point, create a thoughtful memento that your guests can take home. Whether it’s a small box of fancy chocolate from a local hotspot, a small bouquet of flowers or complimentary drinks, this is a wonderful way to thank your visitors for coming and let them understand you love them. There aren’t lots of days similar to this one for celebrating, so you absolutely want to make it something lovely to remember!

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