Party Bus Destinations in Sacramento


Are you in the mood to rent a party bus? Then give Amador Stagelines a call and reserve yours today. Then hit up one or more of these Sacramento hotspots with your friends. The best part is, the part rolls along with you. So, get a big group of friends together, put on your Saturday night’s best and, and hop on the party bus to one of these hot nightspots.

1. Mix Downtown – Mix is a great club with a diverse crowd. It has several different lounges offering several different types of atmospheres and music. It’s hard not to find something for everyone at this hotspot.

2. District 30 – This club is known for its pumping bass. The dress code is fairly lax and the crowd is down to dance hard and party all night. One of the best dance floors in the city, hands down.

3. Parlare Euro Lounge – a nice place to sit back and hang with your friends. If you are looking for a place that you can actually here your friends talk, then this is a great option. It has some of the swankest décor in town. Plus, you can catch all the hottest sports games here.

4. The Asylum – if the darker, goth scene is more your thing then check out Asylum. Here, you will hear the hottest euro pop of new and old. Plus, they have one of the best 80’s nights in town. The Asylum also offers amazing ambience for its patrons.

5. Rocky’s 7440 Club – A great place to dance and have fun with your friends. Also, they have one of the best Karaoke bars in town, where you can go and be a one-night star 7 days a week.

No matter which club or clubs you hit, the best part about renting your own party bus is that you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving. Leave the driving to the pros and relax and enjoy the party. No matter what nightspots are jumping, the party will be with you all night long, so call Amador Stagelines and book yours today.

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