Party Inside A Reno Charter Bus


Did you know that you can party while traveling through Reno charter bus? Yes, there is such a thing as a party bus and it is actually based on a disco. The interior of the bus is designed like a disco and it even includes a powerful sound system and even a disco ball. By getting into this type of bus, you will be able to party with class while traveling. A standard party bus has 30 colored party seats, a video output for playing movies or music videos, a powerful stereo system, a chilling air conditioning system and a device plugging area. Guests no longer need to go down to a gas station restroom since there is already a rest room inside the bus. So, if guests would like to drink and travel then they can do so inside this cool party bus.

Various Destinations

The bus can be used for transferring from one airport to the next. Travelers can move from one place to another with style through the use of the charter bus. The party bus can also be used for entertainment purposes. Travelers can just order the driver to pass through a casino. Most of the casinos visited by the charter bus have special incentives. This means that you get more chips and special offers simply by traveling inside the party bus. For added fun, most travelers love going to Reno, Nevada and other world class resorts. The bus can also travel through snowy areas and fun ski resorts.

The Prevost H series

One of the most beloved types of party buses that you can hire is the Prevost H series. This new type of fleet is top class and it has the smoothest interior and exterior look. The seats are made of the finest fabric and the baggage area can accommodate over a hundred or more bags. The Prevost series offers 50 to 56 seats complete with the latest accommodations such as stereos, tables, XM radio, P.A systems and electrical outlets. If you like to travel and party with style then you will definitely love this model.

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