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The best way that I know to throw a party is on a Sacramento charter bus. My favorite party bus is found at Amador Stage Lines in Reno and Sacramento. There is no way to party that I prefer when it comes to going out for a night of drinking, dancing, and partying with a bunch of my friends. Typically, a party bus will carry ten to fifty plus people. Party buses also have a unique design. Often, the seating arrangement is designed so that a lot of people on the bus can face each other. The seats in some of the bus will be lining along the wall instead of in rows like what you would find on a city bus or a school bus. You can bring your own music to listen to on the party bus, so make a special playlist for you party bus adventure.

Whether I want to go gambling in Reno, skiing in the mountains, or club hopping in the city of Sacramento, I use Amador because they have the coolest buses in the area. They also have an amazingly affordable rate for what they offer. Another awesome aspect of using a party bus with Amador is that your driver will be really cool. I have never had a driver from Amador who was anything less than an excellent addition to the party.

He or she has always been really thoughtful, attentive, and considerate of what our party needs are. We have always felt like all of the things we wanted to do were guaranteed to be done with Amador. Letting you down is not what they are in the business of achieving; making sure you have a great time while getting you there safely and without hassle is what Amador is all about. Try it once, and you will love it forever.

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