Places You Should Not Missed in Sacramento


Sacramento is one of the beautiful cites in California. In fact, it is also the capital city of the state, that is filled with gorgeous Victorian homes and charming neighborhoods lined at peaceful and tranquil wide streets. The popular river parks and other attractions masquerades the busy metropolitan area thriving below the surface. By population, Sacramento is one of the largest states in the union. You will never go wrong if you decided to tour around the place and see its natural beauty. Well, if you are planning to have a trip near and around the city with a huge group of people, looking for the tour services of Sacramento bus lines will help. A tour using a private bus is almost always the smartest choice if you want comfortable and safe transportation.

Here are some of the best places to see in the city of Sacramento:

1. State Capitol
This was built and furnished from around 1860 to 1874 during the American Renaissance, a time when a lot of artists, architects, philanthropists and craftsmen proved their abilities as they set out to exceed the achievements of previous civilizations. The State Capitol looks similar to the Holy Roman Empire especially with its white architectural looks. You can take a walk through the 40-acre Capitol Park and enjoy the sweet smelling scents of the rose garden with 400 more exotic plants.

2. Old Sacramento
This is the old Western town of the city that encompasses almost ten blocks where its two main streets are filled with wood plank sideways. This can be the perfect area for a walking tour as it is loaded with picturesque buildings, classic restaurants and shops, gambling halls, etc. The Central Pacific Railroad Station is situated in the middle of the old town. Furthermore, you can enjoy viewing the restored locomotives and passenger cars exhibited at the California State Railroad Museum.

3. Downtown Plaza
There is a pedestrian channel that will lead you from Old Sacramento to the modern mall complex they call Downtown Plaza, which is an open-air market filled with specialty stores, clothing shops, cinema houses, restaurants and a lot more commercial brands. You will find some amazing entertainers making the street life more colorful such as the jugglers, mimes, musicians and more.

There are a lot more that Sacramento City can offer, so hurry up and plan your itinerary now!

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