Planning a Halloween Party for Kids


Perhaps nobody appreciates traditions and observing the seasons do, and they’re always excited to get involved. Are you really the one in charge of organizing the celebration for all the little Halloween spooks on your ‘hood this season? This post is for you, if that’s the case! Here are 10 activities those kids might like, and we are guessing you’ll likely enjoy watching the pleasure.

1. Capitalize on the cake walk. Keep in mind the numbered, colorful squares on the floor? Grab a poster board, write the numbers, cut out the squares, and tape them on the ground. Find some fun, spooky Halloween tunes, get some prizes, and you are ready to go.

2. Create a “haunted”fish pond. (Remember linking string to a rod and minding a clothespin at the other end?) When the children come up to “fish”, you can attach a fun Halloween trinket for their trick or treat bag.

3. Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, play Give a Broom to the Witch! Grab a sketch of a blindfold, a broom, and a witch, and then let the children take turns attempting to find out who can get the broom nearest to the witch’s hands.

4. Have an egg relay. Divide the children into two teams, grab lettuce and eggs, set up the program, and see whose team wins the relay. Ensure everyone has a turn…and no cheating!!! (Hopefully you do not wind up needing to clean up a great deal of raw eggs, either.)

5. Get some burlap sacks and possess a sack race! (Alternately, you can set the kids up and perform a three-legged race as well.)

6. What about eating donuts from strings, or bobbing for apples? These are easy, challenging, and they’re guaranteed to get everybody laughing.

7. Wan sticks? (And hey, if you don’t have a set of pickup sticks, what about a deck of cards?)

8. Bake a batch of cupcakes prior to the party begins, and set up a station with frostings and candy toppings. They will love decorating them, and they won’t mind eating them, either!

9. Have everyone bring a pumpkin. Set up a table with different materials and also have a pumpkin carving contest. You will likely wind up with some traditional jack-o-lanterns, together with layouts that are ghoul and some creative witches.

10. Last painted?

All of these ideas are simple, inexpensive, and just a little nostalgic. It does not cost a whole lot and you won’t regret making memories to last a lifetime! Happy Halloween from all of us at Amador Stagelines!

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