Preparing Church Youth Activities


While church groups meet to worship together, they often get together to socialize, celebrate, and get to know each other better, too. This is specifically true with youth during their teenage years, a time when peers become a central aspect of life. It’s crucial to have events for them to engage with other kids and keep them involved and integrated with the congregation. These activities are necessary because teenagers love to be with friends and socialize, and they want to have stuff going on and things to be associated with.

Therefore, if you help look after the young people in your congregation and you’re trying to come up with good activities for the year, below are some suggestions for getting the kids involved and coming up with some fun ideas.

For starters, have a brainstorming party with the youth. They’re a lot more likely to come out and join functions they’re inspired about. And if they’re able to be involved with the planning and their suggestions are utilized, you’ll know the activities will be something they’re interested in. So, have a planning party. There’s nothing like getting a bunch of pizzas and some soda, eating together, and brainstorming as you replenish the calendar for the next year.

Select a few things that provide some continuity. If you’ve been a leader over the youth for an extended time frame, you’ll have a good sense of a few activities that always seem to be ideals. Putting those adventures spaced quarterly over the next 12 months will offer a framework for the coming year. You can enable them plan the activities in between to introduce new stuff.

Acquire different perspectives. One way you can do this is to have a few actions that the boys get to choose and plan, and after that some activities that the girls think of and execute. News flash, but there’s something to be said for genders gravitating to different things, and allowing them to alternate planning will likely bring some selection to the table.

Along the same line, you can have a few activities where the leaders come to choose. Sometimes you want them to have a particular experience, and occasionally letting the leaders make a decision what the activity will be creates the perfect opportunity to introduce something new or expand on a goal.

Take a while for service. It’s always a great idea to plan some service projects and give the youth an opportunity to give back to the community or help in some way. Serving others is a basic way to form friendships, help see the needs of others, and put love into action. Along with whatever fun is on the calendar, throw some service into the mix, too.

It’s fun spending time with youth because their zest for life is contagious. We love working with church groups, making if possible for them to get from Point A to Point B. We’d love to customize a quote for your congregation and help create an opportunity for you to make a memory together!

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