Preserving Your Wine Cool


For many drinks, temperature and position during storage don’t change the flavor or integrity of the drink. (Okay, wait. Temp does matter for milk.) Seriously, for the most part, it doesn’t matter … whether hot or cold, your soda won’t spoil, and water might taste better chilled, but it doesn’t hurt it any to be warm. The same can’t be said for wine. (Move over and make room for Super Finicky … yep, that’s correct.) Wine acclaims a reputation for culture and class, so I guess we shouldn’t be amazed that it needs to be discriminated. From a wine becoming “corked” to the integrity of the flavor altering, you have to ensure that you note of a few things so it is still what it should be when you in fact open a bottle.

For long term storage at home, you really prefer to acquire a wine refrigerator where you can set the temperature. A regular refrigerator is too cold to store wine in for an extended period of time, and having a fridge that is geared specifically for wine storage will keep all your vintages at the perfect temp for the duration of their shelf life.

What are you intended to undertake, however, when you’re on the road? If you’re on a wine tour and find yourself purchasing several bottles to take home, how do you keep the wine from being changed by the temperature in the car when the wine bottles are lying in the sun? If you’re going on a picnic trip to the lake for the afternoon, what’s the ideal way to keep the wine chilled until you’re all set to open the bottle? Or, if you have to send some wine to a friend, what’s the best way to do it? Listed below are the points to have on hand for all of your wine-storing needs.

Maintaining it cool for a few hours.
If you’re only buying a couple of bottles and don’t have to keep the wine cool for hours on end, consider investing in a neoprene wine tote. They’re compact and easy to carry around for the afternoon if you’re on a wine tour and don’t want the couple bottles that you purchase to go bad by leaving them in the car.

For getting the bottles cool immediately.
It’s pretty handy to buy a wine cooler sleeve to have on hand. Basically, you buy it and freeze it for some hours beforehand, and then you can pull it out of the freezer, slip the bottle inside, and it will cool the wine in just a matter of minutes.

Stocking your wine for a few hours (or on a road trip.
If you need the wine to stay good for quite a while, consider getting a thermoelectric cooler (one made by Igloo or Coleman, for instance). These keep the wine (or any other beverages you want chilled) at a good temp by plugging in the cooler, or utilizing your battery outlet in the car as you travel.

For delivering wine to friends or delivering it home.
It’s a pretty good plan to invest in styrofoam wine shippers that keep the bottles protected when you have to ship wine. They’re also handy because they’ll prevent the bottles from moving around inside the box and potentially breaking.

And one additional guideline? For short-term storing (acquiring wine home, for example, or taking it to a friend’s for dinner), having the bottle upright is just fine. But when you want to store the wine long-term, you always want it on its side. Trying to keep the bottle on its side allows the wine to be touching the cork, and this is vital so the cork doesn’t dry out. If it dries, your bottle of wine will likely become “corked,” destroying the integrity of the wine’s flavor.

It sounds complicated, but it’s really practically learning the secrets of the trade. Once you recognize with what you have to bear in mind, you’ll manage to keep your wine fresh and unspoiled so your dinner party (or beach get together, holiday fun, or celebratory occasion!) will be on point.

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