Retire to Relax!


It may mean that you have the chance to finally go and see those ruins you’ve always wanted to see up close. Maybe you’re going to take your sons on the backpacking trip you’ve been planning for 15 years.

Did you have an idea that motorcoaches are great for senior travel? They aren’t just for school groups or foreign visitors or transporting military personnel (yes, we do that). If you haven’t dealt with maximizing this time in your life by utilizing a motorcoach, we consider you might love it! Still not convinced? Listed below are a few events that will only be even better because of booking a coach!

Wine Excursions. If you’ve spent a good part of your life collecting various vintages, have a huge walk-in wine refrigerator in your basement, or grow, press, and bottle your own wine, you just might be a wine lover. Did you know that we take folks on wine tours? Book a tour and call with us today to check out vineyards, learn about different varietals, and enjoy wine tastings, too.

Family Gathering. Your “babies” are raising their babies, and these days, you’ve got grandkids toddling around the kitchen and shooting nerf guns in the backyard. It’s harder and harder to get everyone together, though, because the family is being and growing pulled in so many directions. When you’re planning a reunion to get everyone together, we make it easy.

Weddings. If your last child is getting married or your granddaughter is tying the knot, sometimes you need a great way to get the wedding party to each event that’s part of the celebration. We can get everyone from the rehearsal dinner to the church and reception and everything in between.

Sightseeing Excursion. A coach is the way to go when you’re trying to get everyone around if you and your spouse are planning a fun sightseeing trip with friends. Our drivers are specifically allotted to your schedule, the stops you would like to make, and we’ll manage the parking while you’re seeing the sights, too. We’ll be there waiting when you’re ready to go. No having to find your car, drive through hairy traffic, or caravan in many vehicles.

Thus, when life starts to slow down work-wise, it doesn’t indicate you have to press the pause button on life. For whichever adventure, trip, or family time leads you, you definitely don’t need to compromise on fun. And when you’re searching for a great transportation medium to assist in the great times, we want to be the solution you look for!

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