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Riding The Rapids Of The Sacramento River In Celebration Of Your Birthday


Have you tried celebrating your birthday outdoor? If not, make an inquiry from Amador Stage Line about their Sacramento Party Bus and where to celebrate your memorable birthday celebration. They have the capable and friendly customer service assistance to answer all your inquiries and at the same time could make some interesting suggestions. Make up your mind and take an early reservation for party bus Sacramento. This would be a unique birthday celebration for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Planning to avoid alcohol on your birthday celebration? The best to celebrate an alcohol free birthday is to go to river rafting on the Lower Sacramento River. Sacramento party bus will pick you up even from several pick up point and drive you up to the rafting station upstream in the Sacramento River and will await your group to the River Bend Park where the rafting ends. From the River Bend Park they will drive you home directly or have some fun elsewhere before going home.

River rafting on the Lower Sacramento River is fun and exciting. The stream is generally friendly with some minor rapids at San Juan Rapids to pass along. The water in Sacramento River is considered the most clearest rivers in the West. Enjoy rafting, riding down the rapids, swimming as your raft calmly floats and sun bathing. All rafting equipment and safety gears could be rented at the Rafting Station and will be returned downstream at the River Bend Park where the rental equipment company have their staff awaits for you.

However, don’t forget, no alcoholic drinks are allowed in the river. Glass containers are also prohibited. But, don’t forget to bring with you some sunblock lotion, sunglasses, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. Enjoy your birthday celebration with 3 to 4 hours of rafting and riding the rapids at the Lower Sacramento River with no alcohol.

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