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Did you learn that we offer group transportation for wine excursions? These tours are an amazing way to experience beautiful vineyards, taste various varietals, and figure out new vintage favorites. Once the tour and tastings are over, you can often purchase some of what you loved to take home and delight in afterward. While you can open a bottle at any time, for any reason, in this article are some of the moments we like it best.

Sharing news. This is the time to go downstairs, open your wine cooler and pick out the bottle you’ve been saving for something good. Well, that time is now … so drink up!

Wedding celebration. And there’s nothing like a bottle of really good wine to lend a celebratory air to the entire affair. And hey, you can always throw a bottle in the getaway car for the new couple to enjoy on their honeymoon, too.

Out with the old, in with the new. Something about crossing thresholds calls for marking the occasion. Possibly it’s the New Year and you couldn’t be more prepared to kiss the old year goodbye cuz it was a doozy. Maybe a baby took part in the family after years of trying. Or, what about ending up school, graduating, and starting a new future? Job promotion that requires a big move? Got published for the first time? These are the moments that it’s great to get along with some friends, open a bottle, and tribute to new beginnings.

Some elegant function. There are extensive gown-and-tux events. Big executive business gala dinners. Thank you meals for big sponsors. Celebratory affairs after a major goal is accomplished. These are just some of the events that a bottle of some fine vintage will be just the touch to include in the festivities.

Just because. We’ve listed mostly bigger life events as a time to party, but in some cases it’s just as simple as being thankful for what is, at the moment. Being with dear friends on the beach after a wonderful day, for example, and opening a bottle as you visit and watch the sunset on the water. Having a little sip as you relax in a hammock with some of your cherished pages from a treasured book. Honestly, sometimes simple gratifications are even better by incorporating a nice chilled bottle of vino to the mix.

Therefore, does checking this out make you desire to open a favorite bottle? Next time your wine cooler is low, you’re seeking to add some new vintages, or just because you’re a wine connoisseur and collecting vino happens to be one of your hobbies, get a group together and call to book a wine tour with us! Chances are, you’ll find something you love, and have a great time besides.

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