When your group wants a break from the daily routine, a great choice for fun and entertainment is a casino trip.

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When traveling northeast of Lake Tahoe with Amador Stage Lines, you will encounter the high desert land of Reno, which is the second largest city in Nevada (behind the flashy Las Vegas scene). Often referred to as the “Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno has a reputation, as well, for providing adventurous gaming opportunities and more. Many casinos have come and gone, but one of the biggest crowning achievements of Reno is serving as the birthplace of the casino empire, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Entertainment.

It is hard to believe that within a one to two hour drive of a full-feature city like Reno, Nevada, there are over a dozen world-class ski resorts. Additionally, the attraction of casino trips, fabulous restaurants and showrooms and you have a winter vacation destination at Lake Tahoe that is second-to-none.

If you are in Reno for business or casino trips it is a very simple to just rent the Amador Stage Lines down to Lake Tahoe and enjoy a day of awesome skiing with absolutely breathtaking views of the lake from the snow covered slopes.

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