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With today’s emphasis on individuality, creative expression, and a less formal approach of doing things, big-name hotel chains are responding in like fashion by offering the value they’re known for, while alsomaking it inexpensive and a bit more casual. Want the deets on a few of these chains and what they’re doing to approach a younger audience? Take a look at this.


Marriott has opened a new line of hotels already operating in various locations in Europe, with plans to expand into the United States in some of the major cities across the nation. This new line, The Moxy (moxy-hotels. Any time a guest uploads a picture to Instagram and hashtags #atthemoxy, it not only appears on the hotel’s website, but also on a big screen in the main lounge area, a clever tactic to appeal to the younger generation’s pull toward social connectivity, spontaneity and fun.

The design is appealing, sleek and classy, with the aim of making you feel as though you’re kicking back in your own living room for the evening. Combine that kind of comfort with affordable rates and you’ll probably find yourself pleased as punch.

Or, want another new experience provided by Marriott? They’ve also opened a sister chain to the Moxy, with comparable features for being geared to the next generation, but with a somewhat less informal feel. If you find their website (, you’ll see that the design is precisely what they proclaim it to be: inspired by European style and modern with crisp, sleek lines.

If you’re scheduling a vacation and like to try out a new, exciting, more casual lodging experience, but with the class that Marriott is known for, try The Moxy or ACHotels. Either option will be sure to leave you happy, comfortable (you can’t go wrong here), and likely sharing with your loved ones about how incredible it was to stay there.


Hilton is giving a fresh approach to the lodging experience with their new “Canopy” ( series. While Marriott’s new strand is inviting the younger generation, Hilton is trending toward offering a friendly, local experience. Each Canopy hotel is geared to be unique and location-specific. Hilton aims to be representative of the immediate area it is in, featuring resident art, culture, food, exercise, music and recreation selections. No two Canopy locations will be the same because it is designed to reflect the specific community it is a part of.

Some of the other perks? Free Wi-Fi and breakfast, and something else that’s cool? Guests are able to get a complimentary gift from the area, free food samples that emphasize native eats, or even “foodiebags” that tempt your taste buds.

For a stay that reflects a fresh, friendly feel, while decidedly paid attention to the new trend toward treasuring local, choosing to stay at the Canopy will leave you feeling refreshed and appreciative of culture, more aware of the precise district you stayed in, and feeling like you belonged there during your stay.


Not to be outdone by her other high-end lodging businesses, the Radisson is featuring a new series of locations under the name of Radisson Red ( As the website proclaims, they aim to satisfy the “millennial attitude” and everything from design to layout to functionality and flexibility works to suit and be pleasing to that demographic. And boy, do they pull it off!

From having the ability to do almost everything through the hotel’s app to a big, open floor plan with art on display, a bar (open 18 hours of the day!) and deli combo, to rooms with a clean, energetic feel, you won’t be missing out on anything if you decide to stay here!

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, where things are continuously changing to accommodate consumer preference, the hotel industry isn’t lagging behind. It’s interesting and exciting to see how they are keeping ahead of the curb to offer attractive spaces with class at an economical rate. Check them out, and prepare to be inspired by what you see!

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