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I had a great group of friends in college ten years ago. Now, most of us are married, and some of us have children. This makes it difficult for us to get together to relive the glory days of our youth, but luckily, we all have understanding wives who like to get together with their friends as well. Once a year, my friends from college come to Sacramento for a responsibility free week of fun and frolic.

Since we have many guys arriving by plane or train from all over the US and Canada, we have more guests than cars. This makes us all too familiar with the public transportation on a Sacramento bus. A bunch of rowdy men from out of town are much better off on a charter bus. Northern California is famous for the beauty of the landscape and the ladies. This is why we always charter a bus from Amador Stagelines.

Bus schedules in Sacramento are not nearly as convenient as having all the guys pile into an Amador Stageline charter bus to get from club to club safely and without fear of a DUI. A bus rental to travel the two and a half hours it takes to travel from Sacramento to Reno is another thing we love to do. We may enjoy the city of Sacramento in style one night on Amador; the next day, we have a party along Interstate 80 straight to Reno where we can spend a day or two gambling or getting to know the Biggest Little City in the World.

Whether we want to relive our youth in Sacramento or in Reno, we always do it in luxury style and with absolute safety thanks to Amador Stageline Sacramento and Reno charter bus rentals. Our girlfriends and wives never have to worry about complications, and everyone is happy.

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