Sacramento, The Historic Gold Rush City


Tourists who are frequent visitor of Sacramento, California, are fascinated with the trendy downtown Sac’s nightclubs and shopping malls. They always go around downtown Sac riding the Sacramento bus which is more convenient and cheaper than riding a taxi. Most Sacramento’s visitors are looking for Sacramento bus schedule before planning their day tour itinerary. Aside from shopping malls, Sacramento, which was founded in 1850 by gold rusher, has several historic attractions that include more than 30 museums, theaters and art galleries. These are the living testimonies of Sac’s famous pasts. The capital city has a variety of outdoor recreational facilities to include 120 parks of more than 2,000 acres of open space.

The Amador Stage Lines runs a regular and luxury buses and motor coaches in downtown Sacramento and from and to the neighboring urban centers. It is as historic as the City of Sacramento itself, from its humble beginning in 1852 as a horse drawn stagecoach line; it has grown into the largest and most stable commuter and charter Bus Company in Northern California. The company started as a stagecoach shuttle service in and out the Sacramento port carrying gold rushers to the gold mines of California foothills. Today, the Amador stagelines had carried tens of millions people around and across Northern California through its commuter and charter bus service.

The Amador Stage Lines as its moving forward to the new height commits itself to operate in a greener and cleaner environment. It acquires a new fleet of Prevosts motor coach that is ISO environment certified motor coaches manufacturer in North America. The new Prevost USL diesel powered motor coach is very efficient that its carbon emission is 60 times lower than the motor coaches build in 1988.

When you are looking for a reliable and dependable Sacramento bus, take the Amador Stagelines. They have the proven track records in safety and comfort.

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