Safety Regulations Are Significant!


Well, when it comes to safety, we know that it isn’t a joke for you. We think that part of making that trust is by being totally transparent, letting our guests know precisely what standards and expectations we hold ourselves to as a company.

Did you know that as a motorcoach business, we comply by FMCSA’s standards? FMCSA is an acronym for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and they are accountable for developing federal safety regulations for commercial vehicles. We understand that when you ride with us, you are deciding to put your security in another person’s (our) hands, and we wish to guarantee you that we respect exactly what that implies. So … you might be reading this and thinking, “That sounds great, however offer me some proof. I have to know you in fact stroll the walk.”

And yes. We can do simply that. We can offer you the supporting truths you need so you can feel positive in how we run.

For example:

Even though you’re considered an adult at 18, all drivers complying with FMCSA’s standards have to beat least 21. And even then, not simply anyone can leap behind the wheel of a motorcoach to get individuals from Point A to Point B. Sure, like any other lorry, there’s a gas pedal and brake pedal.


We do not put people behind the wheel till they have actually gone through training and we feel great that they are qualified and able. As well as when that has actually been developed, we have ongoing training for our drivers so that we remain ahead of the game.

Our chauffeurs likewise have to be totally transparent about their driving record in the previous year. If there are any infractions, we are going to learn about it, and this assists us work out care in our employing procedure.

This helps us guarantee that, regardless of how “bushy-tailed and bright-eyed” someone is feeling, we put our travelers’ security. Having a standard rule indicates there’s no wavering, since it is definitely crucial that our drivers are alert, well-rested, and competent on the task.

None of these guidelines that we follow are a trick. You can look them up for yourself to see how we run. If you ‘d like the full low-down, read about it here:

And, if you desire to understand our federal safety score, which is provided based upon our upkeep record/checks, event reports, and more, just ask! We are proud of our commitment to your security, and we can support exactly what we say with evidence that you can rely on!

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