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Almost from the point in time that the majority of us rise in the morning, we access an Internet connection. Seriously, for a lot of us, that’s possibly even true before we climb out of bed. We achieve groggily to our bed stands, grab the phone, get on Facebook and Instagram, or pull up The New York Times for a little perusing as we give ourselves a few minutes to rise and shine.

And the absurd thing? We do it from a small, mobile device, a thin sliver of metal that communicates us to the entire world. And while this is normal for us, how we use the Internet would be a complete marvel to somebody living back in the 1950s, though that is when the story of the Internet began.

The Internet really came about via a collaborative effort, various people including various pieces that contributed to what it has become in our time. Years ago, computers were massive and clunky and used up large amounts of space. A man by the name of JCR Licklider wanted to come up with a way for computers to interact and communicate with each other. At some point, ARPAnet was born, and it was the forerunner to the Internet we are familiar with today.

Some of the major breakthroughs?

October of 1969 was the first time there was an exchange between two computers: one at Stanford and one at UCLA. This infamous one-word communication, “LOGIN,” was the first notification ever to be imparted between two computers. And also then, only the first two letters came through.

And while it’s practically impossible for us to visualize a time when we weren’t talking with people in countries all around the world, it was remarkable when the first connection across the Atlantic occurred in 1973.

In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee came up with the worldwide web and the rest is history, cuz let’s be honest … we use it for everything. Shopping for clothes, shoes, cosmetics, guns, car accessories, phone accessories, security systems, and basically everything else, too. And we certainly can’t fathom a world where we aren’t doing business on a huge scale, either…cuz if there’s one thing that has changed the world of business more than any other, the Internet would be a pretty strong contender.

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