Take A Sip Of Coffee Of The Old Soul At The Old Sac


There’s a time during a business trip where most of the participants got bored meeting the same people in the same place and listening to a never ending the same sales topics all day. It might be a good idea to take a few hours of break and take a Sacramento charter bus and go around the beautiful downtown of the Old Sac.

The Sacramento bus rental services from Amador Stage Lines costs lesser than any other bus rental available in Sacramento and at the same time available for rent in a short notice. Executive motor coaches or luxury motor coaches are available for chartered trips, either for a long or shorter drive on places around Sacramento or to the Northwest Pacific areas.

Perhaps, when talking about the Amador as the old stage coach in Sacramento, it’s talking all about the Old Sacramento itself and what is the best in town of the gold rush years and of today. Lingering around, one could find the midtown Sacramento a large old but charming warehouse where the finest and selected coffee beans are roasted to perfection in a traditional way. Near the 17th and L streets, the Old Soul Company stands proudly in the Midtown Sac.

And within that old charming warehouse, some fresh baked goodies attract an attention as the smell willows to the nostrils. It’s inviting to taste the aroma of fruity baked goodies and even inviting to bite as the fruity flavor touches the tongue. The Old Soul it’s a place to take a respite for a boring day in a conference room and to enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee and the fresh baked fruity goodies.

Contact the Amador for the needed respite and bring everybody to the Old Soul Company. They will soon dispatch the Sacramento charter bus for your transportation need.

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