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Think you’re headed to what is perhaps the United States’ most popular destination. You’ve acquired a handful of days to devote in New York City, and you’re scheduling to cram your time loaded by exploring various sites. If you were to book a city tour with a tour operator, what are some of the factors they’d likely take you to see? We’d wager that at least some of these would likely be on the list:

Isn’t this the site that we all watch every New Year’s Eve, waiting for the ball to drop in the first seconds of the New Year? Yep. Times Square, with its enormous screens and billboards, is certainly one of those things you instantly link with New York City, and seeing the city without visiting this site would be missing out.

We listened for updates, trying to understand what exactly what was happening in New York City. Today, years later, visitors touring the city can see the site of the original towers, the museum that is there, and the new super skyscraper that is One World Trade.

Regardless of what you gravitate toward, if you’re an art lover, you won’t want to miss hitting up the Met, no doubt one of the most famous art museums in the United States. If you want to spend hours looking at incredible exhibits, this is the place to go.

If you were playing a game and had to list some of the country’s most widely known city parks, no question Central Park would be one of the first to be recommended. It’s a big park in the city, a natural respite from the noise and bustle and cosmopolitan areas that New York is known for. When you’re heading to, it’s an ideal location to stop and picnic, relax, and people watch.

A lot of us discovered the song “God Bless the USA” when we were in primary school, and if there’s one photo that we came to relate to America (aside from the American flag), this might be it. We linked it to freedom, liberty, and the home of the brave. Having the capacity to visit it in person and learn some of the details of its design is a treat!

Through its sheer size and height, it’s pretty remarkable to go up to the observation deck of this infamous office building to check out over the city from way up high, and it’s something that numerous tourists do every year.

These particular six places are just a small sampling of the various things one could do and see when sightseeing and tour in this famous city. But, more notably, this is the definite thing that tour operators attend to. If you make a reservation for a vacation with an operator, no matter if it’s to New York or Houston or Phoenix … they’ll organize all the top things to see, and have information ready for you so you don’t have to search it out.

We consult with tour operators to provide group transportation for tour groups. We can vouch for their knowledge, friendliness and proficiency at coordinating fantastic sightseeing ventures. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re a tour operator looking to secure a way to get your scheduled tour group around!

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