Tasks Your Churchgoers Can Enjoy All through the Year


Some of the good things that arrive with coming with a church group is a sense of community. While it’s nice to gather on Sundays to worship, church groups often spend time doing fun things together to build up friendships, too. Here are some seasonal activities that will bring everyone together for some fun if you’re the one that’s in charge of planning social events for your congregation.

Though this may not be “fun,” establishing a spring cleanup party can certainly be valuable. Sometimes there are big projects that need doing (moving furniture, laying sod, or chopping a huge pile of wood, for example), and the old familiar adage is certainly true: many hands make light work. Or, there may be widows or single mothers in your members who could apply some help with yard work or points that need fixing around the house. Regardless of the circumstance, collaborating can deepen your appreciation for each other and teach children the significance of service, too. Some other ideas? Plant a community garden. Prep the earth in the spring, plant the seeds and starter plants, then work together so everybody can enjoy some of summer’s bounty. For fun? What about going roller skating together or planning a themed St. Patrick’s Day get-together? All of these activities will bring the group closer together and generate lasting memories.

Hiking together in the nearby canyon to see an impressive waterfall or visiting a local water park and enjoying the sun together are good options, too. It’s super fun to canoe on the lake and makes mores around the campfire when it gets dark. It’s a lovely thing to be moved by a sermon on Sunday, but it’s pretty awesome to watch that same preacher bust a gut when you’re out having fun together and those memories will linger in your mind and heart long after they’ve taken place.

Awwwwwh … fall is seriously magical for a lot of reasons, and the tasks available there of year don’t dissatisfy. There’s nothing like arranging a hayride for the congregation with donuts and hot apple cider. Or, how about weighing in complying with a pumpkin growing task (issued earlier in the spring, of course)? Come October, throw a harvest festival to see who grew the biggest pumpkin, have a chili cook off, exchange favorite pumpkin recipes, and have a variety of actions for the kids (pumpkin carving, face painting, a spook alley and cake walk, etc.). It would also be fun to rig a giant screen in someone’s backyard to watch a football game on, or get a local barn for a good, old-fashioned square dance with a caller. Each of these routines is the perfect pairing for when the chill returns to the air and the holidays are around the corner.

When white comes to cover the brown earth during the winter months, why not have the congregation on a group ski trip– for a day, an evening, or longer! Don’t have the allocate that? A cheaper substitute would be to take everyone ice skating and watch them develop their mad skills on the rink. You can usually simplify by arranging a sledding excursion to a canyon close to home, something that’s sure to be a hit with the kids! And, when the holidays roll around, there’s nothing like caroling together as a group and uniting for hot chocolate and some Christmas cookies when the evening is over.

It’s fun to plan activities that correspond to the different seasons. Hopefully these ideas gave you some inspiration if you’re the lucky one who has the job of organizing events to bring everyone together.

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