Technology Has Changed the Hotel World


Did you know that we assist resorts in supplying professional transport for various situations? Occasionally we help by taking care of shuttle transportation at a large event, such as a business gala dinner or huge business conference. (And we are not too shabby at shuttling visitors to and from the airport, possibly.)

There are a few of us who recall what it was like to reserve accommodations several years ago, before the advent of the Internet. If you were planning a trip, the way that you found out what flights were offered, the rental cars you could pick from, or that places had deductions so that you’d have a place to stay was mostly through contacting a travel agent. (And hey, even if you are young enough that the Internet is all you have ever known, it’s still true that you might remember your father using an agent for traveling. It is just how it was done then.)


My, how the times have changed. When you start to consider the effects of the web on the hotel industry alone, several items pop out at you straight away. (And honestly, we’re likely forgetting lots of things, since we are so accustomed to living in 21st-century America. The world we swim in is one of smart phones, which essentially means that Google lives in your pocket 24/7.)

While you might site additional examples (and point out the things we’ve missed), below are some of the ways technology has changed the hotel market.

All is performed electronically. The need for a middleman is basically, and completely, obsolete. If you’re thinking of traveling to a particular location, you pull out your phone and Google it. If you’re curious how much it will cost you, you jump on Expedia, Hotwire, or Travelocity, and compare airlines, car rentals, and resort rates all at one time. If you would like to find out what neighborhood attractions a town has to offer, all you need to do is type in, “Things to do in ___________” on your search engine, and you’ll get more sites to explore than you probably care to research (not forgetting that you may not have that kind of time). Gone are the days of having to call a hotel to see what’s available or what the going rate will be. It simply isn’t done just like that anymore.

Reviews. Due to the Internet, you can read reviews galore. It’s simple to find out all of the reasons why a hotel was spot on using their support, or all the ways they royally flunked in that department. Hotels can not pretend it ’til they make it anymore. . .cuz whatever experience guests have in a resort will shortly be broadcast all over the Internet. (No pressure or anything.)

Let us talk about social networking. Particularly one of the millennial generation, sharing and communicating with family and friends is paramount to feeling connected and grounded in everyday life. (Hello, social websites!) How a lot people have been on Facebook or even Instagram and been shot somewhere, miles off, due to a post highlighting facets of a friend’s holiday? And how does this translate to resorts? Well. This goes along with reviews, but if they love where they are staying, they are gonna talk it up on that societal platform: by the amazing drink bar that is available at this place to the impeccable service, gorgeous view, or crazy good restaurant that’s available at this particular lodging website. And honestly, resorts are able to utilize it to their advantage also. They can add sticks for hot deals, highlight new places that are launching, and also allow guests to post to their own feeds.

Better advertising coverage. No question. Every one of these things type of intermix and mingle, but frankly, when was it ever as simple as it is currently to find thousands of images of traveling locations, found on sites, travel sites, and tour operator sites? And it’s all at our hands–simply type it in, and #boom. Hotels can promote specials like never before, reveal whole videos and beautifully recorded photos highlighting their rooms and each of the various attractions that are part of the stay they’re pitching to their guests. It is one thing to book on a whim; it’s yet another to be taken in by pictures and testimonials and deals which you can only discover by accessing the Internet. At times you can also live talk with a hotel representative while you’re making arrangements to have your specific questions answered.

And lastly, what about apps’ impact? That is one that is hard to even place an accurate tab on, since we’ve become so used to smartphones which we do not even think twice since we utilize apps for so many aspects of our lives. It is possible to compare hotel prices, book, and cover–all inside the app. And what about mobile check in, cuz gone will be the days when you will need to visit the front desk to find a physical key for your room. That smartphone’s a pretty handy thing. . .just sayin.

Though times have radically changed, there’s a lot in that change that has attracted a huge convenience to the contemporary traveler. Comparing rates and booking accommodations has never been easier. Consequently, if you have got a trip on the horizon, odds are you will begin negotiating that trip without even thinking about what you’re doing. You will pull your phone out and begin exploring details, cuz like it or not, that’s just how it’s done nowadays.

And if you are a resort with a sizable upcoming event, we would really like to help with the transport. Contact us today, and we’ll put our very best foot forward. We know our support affects your standing, and we are going to give it our best. Partnering with resorts to look after guests is a privilege for us!

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