Terror at Columbine


For parents, teachers, and administrators alike, student safety at school is a top priority. As a motorcoach business, we assist schools by assisting transport today’s kids to wherever they need to become: field trips, science trips, away games, contests, and even the daily picking up and dropping off so the children reach campus punctually in the afternoon and return home safely each day. While various measures are utilized by schools to make sure that children are safe when they are on campus, particular events have significantly increased our awareness of the need to do all we can to protect them. One such event happened on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School.

The violence that took place that day horrified our nation, for heightening security in schools throughout 23, and it became an instigator. After the terror was over, 15 people were killed (14 students and one instructor), and 24 were wounded. The gunmen had stuffed two or three duffle bags with bombs and left them in the cafeteria. They figured that, after the bombs had detonated, they would take as many people as possible who had been trying to escape the chaos. When the bombs didn’t go off as planned, the boys came within the school and began shooting instead. They wore trench coats to hide the guns they were carryingfirearms they had gotten from older friends who did not have any idea what they would be used for.

In such an awful tragedy’s aftermath, there were many questions. Who would be the shooters? Why did they resort to such violence? What was their rationale? Was there any sign beforehand that they were planning something?

The two gunmen were boys who had become best friends: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. While Dylan was known to have a temper, Eric appeared to be calm and friendly with his peers. To most, they looked like your typical adolescent boys, and they were adequate students in school as well. As later investigating revealed, however, under their exteriors, both young men had anger problems and also a disturbing fascination with violence.

Following the shock of the awful afternoon, law enforcement officials were able to find that the catastrophe was in preparation for over a year before it actually took place. The boys’ own writing makes it clear that they were likely a large scale assault: charts documenting their bomb making and journal entries talking about an assault on a high school. Furthermore, they found disturbing videos that the boys had produced. In one of them, the two boys are practicing shooting guns, demonstrating the harm done by a bullet into a target, then joking about it being a person’s mind instead.

Benign target shooting is all fun and games, but as soon as the boys took what they had heard while practicing and used it to kill several people in real life, it abandoned the nation reeling. Everybody was concerned about safety in public places, and particularly concerned that our kids were protected when they attended college. In the coming years, much was achieved to boost security, with the objective of ensuring that all our children are safeguarded.

As soon as we assist schools in providing transportation, security is a top concern for us as well. Not only do we prioritize security of passengers while they’re on our coaches, we also maintain high safety and maintenance standards so we are able to guarantee our vehicles are in fantastic operating condition. If we could partner with your school to provide transportation that is safe for our children, we’d really like to achieve that. Working together, we can help to maintain a secure America for today’s kids.

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