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Now, suddenly, with retirement looming, you’re anticipating time on your hands that you haven’t ever had. There’s likely a list of things that you’re hoping to do and experience, but you also may be wondering how you’ll fill your time.

Have you imagined taking your sweetheart to the Pacific islands or to watch ancient ruins in South America or bike across the countryside in Europe? Most seniors have more useless money and time than they’ve previously had, so traveling becomes more of a choice than before. Even if you intend to go solo, with your spouse, or with all of the family, travelling can be rewarding in today and make meaningful memories that you’ll never forget fondly in the future.

Retirement is an appropriate time for you to work on those things that are substantial to you– and, for most of us, this hinges on those we love the most. Dealing with this period of your life as a possibility to invest in your vital relationships will possibly be significant for you, along with your great-grandchildren, children and grandchildren. Maybe this will mean weekly hikes with your daughter, a movie date with your grandson, or getting the entire family together regularly through activities that you all enjoy.

An aspect of what makes life appealing is the option to keep learning, and it’s a crucial part of maintaining life exciting with something to hope for. With that in mind, think about taking a class to develop a new skill, or spend time furthering a talent you currently have. For a few, that might be scrapbooking or gardening, cooking or a musical instrument. For some others, maybe it incorporates woodworking or golf, reading, bridge clubs or couples that routinely get together to enjoy dinner and a movie together. Whatever it is, look for a way to fill your life with passions that attract you, things that will bring a source of achievement and accomplishment into your life.

Consider giving of your time to a cause that you are passionate about. Maybe it’s giving of your time to regularly visit someone who lives close to you who is homebound.

Carve out time for frequent exercise. If you’re moving your body– whether through biking or hiking, walking or water aerobics, you’ll feel better. You’ll have the ability to do more, be independent longer, and more fitted to keep up with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Lastly, there’s possibly a list of projects that you haven’t had time to inspect anything off of in years. It may be an organizational project, finding your ancestors, or upgrading the deck off the back of the house. At this point in your life, you can start to spend some of your time on those things you’ve needed to accomplish, but haven’t been able to get to.

Finding purpose is essential for feeling needed and valued, and it’s important to keeping one interested and participated in life. Whatever it is that you prefer to do, keep it something that will not only bring joy now but continue to bring satisfaction and happiness as time goes on.

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