The Effect of Baby Boomers on Travel and Hospitality


In today’s world, where dealing with unusual places first-hand has never been as accessible or affordable, an increasing number of people take advantage of this and travel. Out of all those that are exploring, the individuals who compose the most extensive demographic are those in the baby boomer generation, now seniors with more time and dispensable income than they’ve previously had. With increasingly more individuals from that generation traveling nowadays, every facet of the travel industry will get to appeal to seniors to get their business, and here are just a couple of the tactics we see that happening:

It’s kind of nice when you can get an umbrella deal: pay one flat price and have it include everything. When you’re able to cut off from the usually-hectic schedule for a vacation, it’s nice to know that you’ll have a comfortable place to sleep, high quality food (and so many options!), recreation sites, various selections for entertainment at any moment of the day, as well as the possibility to hit the spa or have a massage– all for one price. Such is the beauty of a cruise, and the senior generation loves them because of that– so much offered at a flat, budget friendly rate. Moreover, one has the ability to see distant places without ever really having to “rough it” culturally or go far from “home base.” You can obtain a sense of checking out other places in a very low key, laidback environment.

Even if they make up a huge percentage of the people traveling these days, seniors are often frugally-minded and want to get the most bang for their buck. If one is willing to forgo having a roomy seat or extra amenities, there are great deals available on flights out of town.

An additional something that is taking place rather frequently these days? With the show business booming like never before, travel agencies, theme parks, and remote places are taking advantage of the latest movie blockbusters to create rides related to the stories and movies that people have familiarized so well. This outlet seeks to present something familiar and fun for their visitors, wanting to mimic a particular adventure or magical experience like one visualize from the beloved text or film.

As travel agencies and tour operators are attempting to win the business of the young and old alike, it can be challenging marketing to both demographics. How do they do this? Possibly the best avenue is to grant alternatives: activities that would invite the free-spirited younger people, providing them the taste of excursion and thrill they’re looking for, and even offering tame, educational experiences for older generations who want to enjoy the local spots in a more relaxed fashion.

The above are just a small sampling of how different industries are aiming to approach seniors who would like to get out and travel the world, while also still winning the business of younger generations, too. For any sort of vacation seniors prefer to take, the options offered today are greater than ever before.

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