The Memorable Journey To Sacramento


Spending vacation in Sacramento is full of fun especially if you are riding in a luxurious Sacramento Bus. Around Sierra, there are lots of wonderful hikes; vistas to warm your soul and can amuse the eyes. However, there is no more spectacular than going to the Horsetail Falls. You can climb the falls if you want because at the top, Lake Aloha is inviting. However, it is very hard to climb the falls. Spend several hours in the base is already rewarding.

If you are also traveling going to the East from the Sacramento, there are lots of cars parked in any corner after the Twin Bridges, few fifteen miles before the South Lake Tahoe. Then, you will witness the white plume and that is the so called Horsetail Falls from the Valley. The cars are parked there because vehicles could not enter the Desolation Wilderness because of its enchanting beauty.

The Sacramento bus rental is available anytime you want to get into places that you want if you are traveling in a group and going to the west from Tahoe is not a problem anymore. Once you are already in the west, you can see the falls plunging down dramatically from the valley. For a day hike you need to sign first at the Twin Bridges base.

If you want to go for camping, you need first the Forest Service permit especially for those who want to go for an overnight stay. Don’t worry because there is no fee when you hike during the day but for the overnight backpacking, there is a charge. The permit for the overnight stay can be picked up at Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit. However, if you are from the Sacramento area, get the permit at Eldorado National Forest Information Center.

Traveling to Sacramento and going to the beautiful places that you want, is not a problem anymore because the Sacramento bus lines are always there to serve you. Call them now for an early booking and you will get a memorable journey to Sacramento.

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