The Old Sac, A Live Museum Of History


The capital city of California has been overlooked by tourists and visitors, who look for a better place to learn, enjoy and take a rest for hard days’ work. Sacramento has its own crown as the State Capital, a center of the state government where most important state educational and historical attractions are located. The State Capitol that features a theme park, zoo where to find rare animals and museum of California history, there’s the stately Governor’s Mansion, a Railroad Museum with the massive antique locomotive collection and many more. All these important places are within the regular route of Sacramento bus lines.

Going to Sacramento for the pleasure of taste, there are a lot of restaurants and food shops in the historic Old Sac near the city’s beautiful waterfront. It’s a beautiful place to dine while enjoying the cool breeze of the Sacramento River. There are several specialty restaurants along a cobblestone street that offer international and spicy oriental cuisine. Brew pubs are always the best in Sacramento a home of several famous microbreweries. Coffee and pastry shops are also among the favorite places in the historic Old Sac frequented by tourists and locals alike.

Virtually, all the buildings in the Old Sac area date back from the 19th century some have been restored and others were reconstructed to their nearest original appearance. The Old Sacramento area is a museum in itself a heritage of its own reminiscent of the gold rush era. Today most of these old colonial buildings house specialty restaurants, novelty and gift shop and other businesses that cater to the needs of tourists and locals who want to take some pleasures and hard work breaks.

With over 5 million tourists visit the place every year to enjoy some events that include the Sacramento Music Festival formerly known as the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, Gold Rush Days Festival, and St. Patrick’s Day Parade, World Music and Dance Festival and the annual Mardi Gras.

For anyone who wanted to visit the Old Sac, don’t forget to contact the Amador Stage Lines and see the Sacramento bus schedule for information and guidance.

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