Think Motorcoach If You’re Going on a Field Trip!


When we were kids, most of us went on field trips with our school on a big yellow bus. It was the normal form of transportation for students and teachers as well, taking us to happy destinations like the zoo or the local museum. For today’s kids, however, there’s another solution that we think you’ll like even better than the standard school bus. For field trips, there’s really not a more ideal solution than reserving a motorcoach, for several reasons.

They make it easy to transport a large group. Like a school bus, motorcoaches make it easy to bypass the havoc of organizing individual transportation to school activities. They can transport up to 57 passengers at once efficiently. Opting for a motorcoach means that everyone can travel together and you don’t have to stress over multiple itineraries, people getting lost (despite good directions) or being sure that everyone got a ride home.

One more plus? They come set up with ways to keep kids delighted. You can get a coach that comes with an A/V system, keeping it possible to put a movie on for everyone while the miles roll by. This gives a convenient way to pass the time without having to deal with a lot of noise and chaos if your destination is a good distance away. And, if that isn’t enough? Coaches also have power and WiFi options! We stay in the virtual world much of the time, and more and more kids have their own phones and tablets to plug in to that world. , if you need a way to pass the time en power, wifi and route might be the thing to do the trick!

From the way they’re constructed for highway speeds to high safety standards and ratings, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids when you’re riding on a motorcoach. For all of these reasons, safety isn’t compromised when you choose to go motorcoach style.

They also show off a number of storage spaces. Anybody that has been around children for any amount of time knows that they always have stuff in tow. No matter if you need space to pack all the lunches for the day trip, a place for coats and backpacks, or a spot for the mementos they purchased the zoo, motorcoaches have a number of undercarriage storage spaces that school buses simply don’t have.

This means you don’t have to make any emergency bathroom stops for the kid who didn’t need to go when you asked everyone to use the bathroom before leaving, but now has to go five minutes into the drive. It also comes in handy if you end up with a kid that’s sick to their stomach after eating too much cotton candy at the amusement park.

Whether you’re transporting students to an away game, taking them to the zoo, or seeing the “Nutcracker” as a class for a seasonal treat, motorcoaches are a fantastic way to go when it comes to field trips. From their huge capacity to all the additional they deliver, they’re the best choice available for your school’s next upcoming outing.

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