Tips for an Amazing Group Veteran Day Trip


It’s a funny thing: when you’re younger, it seems like time can’t go quickly enough. When you’re a small person, each week, day, and month can seem to tick slowly by, and all of those life events feel like they’re never going to arrive. Time seems like cold molasses.

The good irony is that, though time seems to be speeding by, we have major moments that occur and they change us. Considering how they affect us, we look for some way to memorialize them, to keep in mind them and pass those memories on to those who follow after us. With big life events that are a shared experience for many individuals and shape a nation, we assemble monuments and tell the story of history for those who need to see and come.

That last example is definitely true of war monuments and museums, and for people that served, these are sacred places that strive to reverence an experience that was profoundly personal and shaped the lives of many. Visiting these places can be a great activity for a commemorative veteran expedition, and if you’re putting together a special occasion for a group of veterans, the following are some things to bear in mind.

Plan in advance for food (and lodging if necessary). If you’re doing a day trip or overnight excursion, you’ll have to figure out how to manage food for a large group of people. Find out if they offer a discount to a huge group (since you’re bringing them lots of business).

Consider putting together a brochure, pamphlet, or program with details that would be of interest to your group of veterans. Because of this, it’s nice to make it something that will take them back in time and let them revisit those memories, whether they are painful or victorious.

If you’re taking a large group, call ahead to request tickets. You don’t want to go through all the hassle of getting everyone together and arrive, only to be told that they can’t accommodate a group of that size that day. And while you’re at it, ask about group rates.

Always remember to figure out transportation! If you’re not sure of the best way to go, you should absolutely GoMotorcoach! We specialize in group transportation without compromising on comfort or convenience for our riders. In addition, we have ample chassis storage for anything that should come along, be it food, luggage, souvenirs, or equipment that’s needed to help people get around (walkers, canes, etc.). Motorcoaches can take care of all of this! Plus, we provide great rates and unbeatable customer service!

As you try to put a field trip for veterans together that will be significant and something to remember, paying attention to the details is important. We hope that all the details come together and that it’s something everyone will never forget!

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