Tips on How to Deal with the Expenses of Having a Youth Sports Team


The charges of youth sports run the gamut from wonderfully cheap to hugely expensive, depending on the league and level of play. Many sports have more costs naturally included (think the cost of a hockey goalie mask vs. swim googles), but there are numerous points parents and coaches can possibly do to help cut down on the costs of being involved in youth sports.

Below are four methods parents can help lower the costs related to playing on a youth sports team.

Find used sporting equipment

A ten dollar mitt probably won’t last through the summer, but that doesn’t mean you require to be spending $200 for your t-ball player’s glove. A fast search in Google can show you the location of any used sporting goods stores in your area. Several of the equipment offers for sale might be a little beat up, but just think about it as broken in! Buying used sporting equipment is definitely a smart idea if your young athlete is just “trying” a particular sport for the very first time. You don’t want to drop several hundred dollars now and have your child determine they don’t want to play next season.


One way to cut costs is to carpool with other players on the team. Not only do you save money but getting in that carpool lane can save serious time. With onboard amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets, bathroom, video monitors, and more, motorcoach travel can be the perfect solution for competitive teams.

Pack a lunch for distant games

Even if you stick to the dollar menu at McDonalds (which probably isn’t the best long term idea in the first place), buying lunch, dinner and snacks on the road at every away game is going to get very expensive very quickly. By packing your own lunch and snacks (think sandwiches, carrots, pretzels, orange slices etc.) you are not only saving money, but you are guaranteeing your young athlete is getting the nutrition they need to play at their best during the away game/tournament.

Plan a travel funds

Chances are the 10 and under football leagues aren’t doing any major travelling, but highly competitive travel teams might be going all over the country to compete. If your youth athlete has joined a high-powered travel team, start planning your budget now so you aren’t in for any surprises.

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