Top 10 Tourism Marketing Trends for 2015 – Infographic


Are you a tour operator trying to access your possible customer base through all attainable avenues? In today’s world, it has not been simpler to communicate in many different ways and get your message to more people than ever before. When concentrating your advertising strategies, it would be reliable to keep these options in mind:

If people are looking for information today, they go online. If you don’t want to lose customers right off the bat, make sure that your website meets these two qualifications: have a mobile friendly app for your site, and make sure it doesn’t feel as though you’ve traveled to the dinosaur age while waiting for your content to come up on the screen. These two things can drive potential customers away before they even see what you have to offer.

Correspond with your customers thru all of today’s mediums. You can connect with people in informal (yet professional ways) on social connectivity sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and have your information provided and passed via photos and hashtags to a substantial audience. If you haven’t yet accomplished this, you’ll want to think again and make that happen. You can also share the varieties of tours you offer by showcasing the experiences you’ve had via email or on a blog or photos. If they choose to travel with you, this allows people a glimpse of what they would get to see and do.

Ensure that all of your content is up to par. If you offer a great experience, but your photos, videos, writing or podcasts are unprofessional and shoddy, it’s expected to discredit any progress you might otherwise have made. Make sure that everything you share matches the standard of excellence you want your business to be known for.

Don’t underestimate the power of your customers’ voices. Through review sites online, along with what people post about your business via social media, there are ample opportunities for your customers to share their opinions. If you pay attention to customer satisfaction, it’s likely that the reviews you get will be positive– and that others will check out it (or remember something they’ve seen) when they’re making the decision of how (and where) they’d like to travel next.

And, as you’re advertising what your tour offers, don’t forget to include information about other available attractions. Clients are often attracted in local history, sites they can visit, and recreational opportunities they can have while traveling with you and the local businesses will treasure the help you’re giving them by talking about their services, too.

How often do we hear the phrase “Just google it” when we are trying to find information on something? Answer? If you have the means available, you might consider using Google AdWords to have your tour operation outfit appear in the first few sites that Google brings up, thus getting you a lot of traffic that might not ever have known you existed otherwise.

By making use of the above mentioned marketing outlets, you’re going to connect with customers in new ways and reach more of them than ever before. Try something new, use the selections available to you, and watch your business soar!

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