Travel Trends for 2015


With all the advances in technology and engineering, combined with how advertising can reach customers in unprecedented ways, people are able to experience more of the world and see places that at one time would have seemed impossible. How are companies trying to look to the future and create experiences for their customers using fresh concepts? From how people eat to where they go to the types of experiences they are seeking, companies are trying to respond to what customers want.

If you go to the movies today, you can pay a little extra for a 3-D experience– with added features that make you feel as though you are a participant in what you’re seeing on screen. Travel companies are able to use headsets that simulate an experience to entice customers toward a particular vacation.

Do you watch a show on the Food Network and drool as you watch what your favorite chef serves up on each episode? It always makes you hungry– but also for most of us, it’s hard to eat that way very often because we can’t afford it. However, the good news is that there’s a movement underway to make that more of a reality for our pocket books as chefs are making great food and serving it in more relaxed settings at budget-friendly prices. Wish to know more? Google “fast casual food” and research it. With a lot of today’s world concentrating on BIG experiences and taking advantage of the global community, it seems that some of us yearn to bring it back down to a small scale, favoring intimate experiences over vacations for the masses (like cruises or tour groups or popular island beaches). There’s a market for customers who want to connect in meaningful ways, and companies are responding to this by seeking to provide their customers with an authentic experience. Whether this happens through connecting common interests (such as a customer who loves to climb being paired with an skilled climber in the region of where he’s traveling to), to eating native cuisine or experiencing the conditions that the resident people live in, people want to walk away having experienced something more authentic and real, and companies are aiming to provide just that.

Not only do people want to experience something authentic, more customers intend to make a difference through their travel. Whether that’s through a humanitarian-type experience, or helping to generate funds for a cause in that area, or seeking to improve the lives of the individuals in a specific country, people want to make a positive difference as portion of their vacation and companies are capitalizing on this by creating those kinds of opportunities.

An additional thing that seems to be happening more and more? Traveling as a whole family group; from the newest baby to join the clan up to bringing Grandpa along too. Families would like to create memorable, meaningful experiences that will bring them closer together, and they’re trying to find vacations that can facilitate just that.

Hotels are evolving the manner in which they do things too, making use of modern technology trends to make a customer’s experience with them a breeze. An increasing number of, hotels are keeping it possible for you to do everything from your phone– even getting in to your room, without ever having to get a key or visit the front desk. This makes travel so much more convenient than before!

Another thing that shouldn’t fail to be mentioned is the impact that the modern show business has had on the types of vacations people are taking. For example, if a movie makes a book popular (think Harry Potter), it sometimes isn’t very long before vacation attractions pop up to capitalize on all that hype, seeking to provide the ideal vacation that entertainment fans are searching for.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, and interesting to see how companies are replying to the constant, evolving change that is our world. Like never before, people are able to travel in new ways and experience things virtually and in person that would have seemed unfathomable just a few years ago. After reading all of this, doesn’t it make you want to do some research and book a trip? Go make it happen, and best of luck!

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