Visiting Sacramento By Bus


Visiting Sacramento California could be best done by riding a bus. Sacramento bus offers several routes to travel along the urban and suburban centers in Sacramento. While the Old Sac is the most and a favorite tourist destination, there are more suburban centers worth visiting. Sacramento bus lines traverse from Old Sac to any suburban center in Sacramento.

From the moment of arriving at Sacramento International airport, take an airport shuttle bus service to downtown Sacramento directly to your hotel. The Embassy Suites Sacramento – Riverfront Promenade could be a good hotel for your stay with its promenade overlooking the 1935 tower bridge spanning the historic Sacramento River.

Sacramento is a small city with diverse culture and rich history that can be seen in its old and historic buildings, restaurants and shops. The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is known for its stunning artwork and architecture and could be reached by foot or a short bus ride from your hotel. The California State Railroad Museum is another place worth visiting to see how Sacramento evolves into modern and most livable city in the world. The State Indian Museum is a great place for those who are interested to see original artifacts from the early Mexican settlement and Native American Indian pottery and arts.

Along the Elmhurst neighborhood, large century old elm, oak and ash trees abound and lined the streets for a relaxing walk in the early morning. The Valley View Acres is a rural “Eden” within the urban center that hosts various community activities. The Land Park is a great residential area and famous for its family oriented attractions like the Land Park Zoo and the Fairytale Town. Sacramento is often referred to as the City of Trees because it has the most centuries old trees than any other city in California.

Visiting Sacramento and appreciating its livable neighborhood could be best done through a short bus ride and walking along its beautiful and fresh breezy streets.

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