Visiting Sierra at Tahoe


If you are looking for fun and excitement near Sacramento and San Francisco, the best place you can visit is Sierra at Tahoe. This is one of the biggest snow sports resorts that you and your family, friends and colleagues will definitely enjoy in the area. If transportation is the problem, you can easily arrange a private trip to and from Sierra at Tahoe with trusted bus companies, especially if you will visit there in a large group.

The place, specifically located on Highway 50, is a great way to bond with your colleagues or your loved ones. This trip will make you and the group enjoy Lake Tahoe and the fun activities to do in the area such as cable-car ride, ski, a lake cruise, etc. And if you want to be able to purchase cheaper ski tickets to the resort, here are some tips to help you.

1. Book tickets online.
Those people who regularly ski at the resort already know that the best way they can avail of the cheapest ticket is booking online in advanced. This trick will guarantee you that you will spend lesser money for the ticket than showing up to the resort’s counter and buying your ticket there. Just search online for cheap ski tickets and you will already see various offers.
2. Buy the multi-day tickets
Why not spend three or more days at the resort? This will actually give you cheaper ski tickets rates. For instance, it will cost you $70 if you will just ski in one day but you can avail of 60 USD rate per day or even less if you book for several and consecutive days.
3. Group Visit
Aside from a cheaper transportation cost you will get if you travel with a group and rent a bus or a coach, being in a group can also save you money from the ticket fee to the resort. If you go to Sierra at Tahoe, try going there with 20 or more people. The higher the number of people you have in your group, the more discounts you can have. Buying in bulk is really a good deal if you will visit the snow resort.

Are you already excited doing this snow adventure with the people you love the most? Well, there are only two things you really need to do to start this plan get going. First is to book a private bus for the transportation needs of the group and second is to book your lodging and ski activities in the resort. Once you are done with the bookings, you and your friends/ family are good to go!

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