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Is your middle school or high school band getting ready for an upcoming performance that involves travel? Whether you’re participating in a county parade or competing in a state band competition, it takes a lot of coordinating to gather all the instruments together, get everyone in the same place at the same time, make sure uniforms are ready and clean to go, and that you’ve figured out food for the group, too. We can work with all aspects of your transportation, making it possible for you to focus on getting the band ready to play.

Group transportation. Moving huge groups of people is what they’re put together for, and what we do best. At 57-passenger load capability, it’s fairly easy to get everyone where they ought to be, when they should be there.

Space. Not only can we get the whole band there, we can get all the instruments there, too. Our coaches have plenty of undercarriage space that can fit all the instruments, backpacks, uniforms, anything, water, and food else that needs to come along.

Convenience. When they ride with us, we want our passengers to enjoy their experience. Consequently, you can select a coach that has a bathroom, as well as individual airflow control (and even reading lights!) for every passenger. If you’re too cold, you can unplug the air conditioning for you. And if you’re hot and your neighbor is cold, you can cool down without making your neighbor unpleasant. It’s all about individual preference and comfort.

Enjoyment. It’s also possible to opt for a coach that comes with power, WiFi, and an A/V system to keep your kids entertained. Regardless if you want to watch movies on the bigger screens, connect to social media, enjoy some YouTube on the iPad, or get your phone charged in time to take some photos before the band’s number begins, you can do most of that from the seat of the bus!

When you are, ready. Finally, it’s wonderful to know that you have a driver devoted entirely to your schedule. From getting you to the gathering to getting you to a diner to eat thereafter, our drivers are friendly and capable. They exist to take care of you and ensure that you get where you have to be.

Next time you’re coordinating transportation particulars for the band, think motorcoach! We’re pretty sure that if you give it a whirl, you won’t ever look back.

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