What are you creating for an evening meal?


For someone who’s single, it may seem like too much ado to make dinner for one person. And for college students, there might not be any budget for real food; Ramen and baked potatoes may be as exciting as it gets.

For other people, however, cooking for them is like butter to bread: they believe that they were made for it. There’s a magic that occurs when you’re adding diced onions to some melted butter, your kitchen begins to smell yummy, and you’ve got a little Frank Sinatra on in the background. Playing around with spices, growing your own food, and feeling at home in an apron might be signs that you suit this category.

Even for those who love to cook, it’s easy to fall into the slump of coming up with something new to make for dinner. If you’re one of those that are making food each night, you surely fall into the deception of making the same things repeatedly again, and you start to get exhausted. Here are some strategies you might try to help switch things up a bit if this sounds familiar.

Everyone has gotten those chain recipe emails where you have to add your name and send it on to the persons that are provided in slots 1 and 2 above. Everyone attending has to bring three of their favorite go-to recipes, with copies of the recipes for everyone else. At the end of the night, everyone walks away with a bunch of new recipes, and you know they’re going to be tasty because you invited folks who love to cook and love to eat.

Check out cooking shows. If you geek out on food, you’re probably the person who oozes while watching an additional episode of Barefoot Contessa, can’t wait to sit back while watching America’s Test Kitchen, or laugh out loud at Julia Child’s wit as you YouTube old episodes of The French Chef. But hey … watching series can give you inspiration for new meals, as well as lets you see presentations of new techniques before you provide a whirl.

Make use of apps. Get the Food Network’s app and take a look at the recipes of your favorite chefs. Download FoodGawker and browse different categories, according to what you would like to make. (Be forewarned, though; you’ll drool!) Delight in the beautiful photographs and amazing flavors of vegan cook Angela Liddon on her Oh She Glows app. Perusing different recipes and amazing food photography in numerous apps will leave you motivated and make you want to get back to the kitchen ASAP.

Browse cookbooks in a local bookstore, or surround yourself with them in Crate & Barrel or Williams Sonoma. There’s something to be said about placing yourself in a place where the encouragement can flow. Taking a look at recipes while you’re surrounded by beautiful sets of pans and pots and big, beautiful whisks makes it hard not to be told of why you love food so much, and why you’re anxious to get back to it.

Present businesses like Blue Apron or PeachDish a try. The basic philosophy? Opt for the number of meals you’d like to receive from them each week and have the ingredients and directions for preparing the meals delivered to your door. Fresh ingredients that are pre-measured to resemble the meals so you eliminate excess waste, no last-minute going to the grocery store, and no more aiming to think of something to make on your own. Sounds pretty great?

And as a final point, did you know we offer transportation for cooking tours? If you’re in a rut and need some new yum in your life, think about booking a cooking tour with us. Attending classes, watching live presentations, and coming to taste test and sample as you go along are all beautiful things, and they can liven up your regular caloric routine.

Thus…next time things are seeming a little humdrum around the dinner table and you can’t bring yourself to make another batch of homemade spaghetti sauce (good as it is), give some (or all!) of these recommendations a shot! You never know what motivation you’ll find, new recipes you’ll discover, or flavors you’ll fall in love with. Bon appetit!

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