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Perhaps, when we plan to take a tour in Sacramento, California, one thing that may come to our mind are bees. What is The Sacramento Bee? This is a well known, widely circulated and most read daily newspaper published in Sacramento. The Daily Bee as it was known published its first edition on February 3, 1857 and had become the prominent local daily newspaper since then. Going around by Sacramento bus to any part of the city and the nearby cities, you can buy a copy of the Sacramento Bee on every bus station and can see Sacramento bus Schedule.

Throughout its long history, the Sacramento Bee had received several awards and recognitions including winning five Pulitzer Prizes. The daily is actively promoting progressive public service advocacy on free speech, anti-racisms, workers’ right and environmental protection through its editorials and opinion page. The daily newspaper celebrated its 150 year anniversary on February 3, 2007 by including a copy of its original publication. On the following day, the paper published a 120 page supplemental section publishing its history from its inception to the present. In 1943, the paper adopted “Scooby Bee” as its official mascot, a creation of Walt Disney.

Within a week of its founding, the Bee published a state scandal involving a California State Treasurer which later led to his impeachment. Since then, The Sacramento Bee had been widely respected and become a strong mover of California’s public opinion and had become the longest running newspaper in the history of Sacramento. When you are going to visit Sacramento, it is best to pick a copy of The Sacramento Bee in one of the Sacramento bus stations as one of your souvenirs. The Amador Stage Lines is operating a commuter bus service in Sacramento and in the Pacific Northwest destinations on a regular and prompt bus schedule.

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