Why We Love Working with Church Groups


Sometimes we transport military men and women, and other times we are taking a group of high school students to prom. Sometimes we are getting an entire wedding party to a rehearsal dinner, and sometimes we are with a group of friends who are taking a wine tour. We interact with business men and women, families, youth groups, sports teams, hotels, and provide shuttle services, too.

We like to assist in many ways when it comes to church congregations. Whether or not we have the chance to transport the choir to a singing engagement, be the wheels behind a company project, or help your youth reach a scouting jamboree, it is gratifying for us! While there are lots of reasons one could appreciate and admire what church communities do, listed here are some of the things we love.

For starters, church organizations often foster a sense of community and friendship. As people assembled regularly for worship and activities, strong bonds establish as time go on. You often end up with a group of people that share a system of beliefs, but also intensely care for each other, too. This is a lovely thing and something we have been honored to witness as we deal with various church congregations.

Church groups are basically anxious to serve wherever they can. These people are serious about serving to each other out and doing a good turn. From offering services in soup kitchens to visiting members of their parish that are sick, serving is a way that people extend love and kindness to each other, and it’s just another way that faith appears, too.

Belonging to a church organization sets up opportunities to examine what you believe with others. One of the factors we think this is a positive thing is because it develops moments where people are invited to think critically about why they do what they do and examine the reasons behind it. It triggers members to ask the big questions, engage with others, and refer to ideas and philosophies.

Maybe you can remember attending a Bach passion in a cathedral that was put on by the cathedral choir for the public, or the way another church hosted a classical music festival every week for many months. These are just a few examples of many ways that churches try to reach out and involve with the community in relevant ways.

Finally, we want the humanitarian aid and assistance that is initiated by church organizations. Where there is a large group of people that are committed to a good cause, incredible things can occur. It is uplifting to watch how church groups rally and give encouragement in circumstances where there adheres need, and we love experiencing things like that.

It is a true privilege for us whenever we have an opportunity to engage with church groups. When you have a congregational transportation need, we’d love to take care of it.

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