Your First Time … Heading to a Concert


Going to a concert for the very first time is such a cool experience. Not only do you get to hear your favorite songs live, but you get the pleasure of seeing talented musicians in person and watch everything come together right in front of you. If you’ve never had this experience before, you’re in for a treat! To make your “maiden voyage” all that it should be, keep these few tips in mind:

a. Maybe it’s October and the nights are getting a little bit nippy. In your mind, wearing warm seems like the proper way to go. Think again. Specifically if the band you are going to see is well known, there are going to be lots of people there. The more people that attend, the warmer it will be inside the venue. If you dress for a November night, you’re going to get hot in there before the concert is even halfway through. Best piece of advice, despite the time of year it is? Dress in a single layer and wear what you love and can move around in. You might decide you’d like to take part on the crazy and go out there dancing in the mosh pit, or maybe you ‘d choose to grab a drink and chill on the sidelines. Either way, you want to be relaxed in what you wear, and not get too hot. You can always bring something light to throw over your shirt if you begin to get a little chilly.

b. Leave your purse or workbag behind and only take the essentials in with you. With numerous people around, you don’t like to have a bunch of stuff for a couple of reasons: it’s likely to get crowded and you don’t want your bag getting trampled, and you also don’t prefer to have to worry about someone taking it (or the stuff that’s inside). Leave your video gear and extra clothes or food at home and keep it simple. You’ll likely intend to have your camera with you, but in these times that’s pretty easy if you have your phone in your pocket. It’s also a good idea to have some money and ID therein, too, in the event you end up needing them. Another idea that you may not have thought of? Grab something for the band to write on your shirt or concert program with. If you get the chance to talk with them and have to walk away without some signatures, you’ll be disappointed.

c. If you do can interact with the band, focus on being relaxed and genuine. Even though you might feel daunted because they’re a big name, just try to hang with them like you would anyone else. You can talk to them about why a particular song of theirs talks to you or question the way that they play a certain segment of music. Maybe you would like to know what inspired a certain song or the story of how they joined and began playing. You’ll always remember those few minutes of conversation (especially if they’re a band you love), so ask what you’ve always liked to know and let them know why you love their music.

After those few suggestions, all you really need to remember is the bottom line: Just go and enjoy! Depending on the genre of music you’ll be hearing, things might get crazy and loud and a little chaotic. In spite of who you’re seeing, though, just have a good time! That’s the whole point. Roll with it! If you want, Dance! Sing along! Take pictures! Enjoy how calm down is to watch talented musicians up close! Doing these things will make it something you’ll always remember.

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